How I Became a Food Blogger with Dinnerly

When corona happened and we had to stay home and deliver work from home, initially it seemed very comforting but as soon as the days passed I started getting impatient and stressed. I had nothing to do for the entire day and whole day after work I used to spend hours scrolling on phone. I used to see all the amazing insta posts by my friends who were staying home and cooking for themselves and I also got an idea to start cooking, thanks to Dinnerly discount codes I ended up making my own blog with 50K followers.

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Before we talk about my blog, you can get best Dinnerly coupon code and get discounts on Dinnerly. Back to the story, I started wondering if all these people can cook then maybe I should start cooking as well. But I did not know how to cook. So at first I ordered meal kits from Dinnerly which I got by the way with Dinnerly free shipping code and I did not have to pay a penny for the shipment, tadaa!!! And then when I got the meal kit, I started cooking it with the help of the recipe mentioned with it.

The recipe turned out to be great and very easy. Also I must say it was very cheap. I started clicking pictures of it with my iPhone with the best angles and lightning. I posted the picture with the greatest captions that according to me would bring a lot of engagement on the post. Being a marketer gave me benefit because I knew how to keep people engaged. I got a lot of encouragement and engagement on the post and people wanted to know ore recipes.

I started ordering more meal kits and then I would click the pictures and post it on Instagram. I started getting paid partnership for posts by companies because my following was growing on Instagram and gradually I was also receiving PR packages. That’s how I started to earn with my Instagram which initially was just an idea for making my time productive. If you also want to order, then you can get a Dinnerly discount codes and if you are already a customer then simply enter the code for dinnerly voucher code for existing customers. Order now with Dinner discount codes and get amazing discounts on your meal kits.

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